Monthly Archives: August 2008


Indiana University is as beautiful as all get-out, and I’m as stoked as hell to be here. This morning I meandered through a campus shrouded in fog, weaving between beautiful limestone buildings and cool, soothing forests. Tiny streams flow across campus, cutting through the soft soil and spilling over the hard layers of native limestone […]

Semper Chick-fil-A

This, my friends, is Indiana. I could say something, except that Kate has already said it better.

Captain Morgan and his spiced piss can go to hell.

Contrary to your claims, regional liquor rep, I believe whether or not people come to my party will be determined more by whether or not they think I’m a cock, than by what brand of liquor I’m serving.

Yes, everything is an interface problem.

Smoke alarms should be rebranded as “this device is broken and needs to be replaced” alarms, to better reflect their most frequent use case.

OCD Backups for the ADHD

The other day my friend Jake inquired as to what my backup configuration looks like, as he wants to do a better job protecting his data. After replying I realized that other people might benefit from the same knowledge, and so I whipped something together for ya’ll. By no means do I claim to be […]