Monthly Archives: April 2009

Mother of All Funk Chords

I found this months ago, and watching it still gives me chills: This was the reason the internet was invented, man.

Rounding the Corner

Today was one of the best days I’ve had in months, and I don’t think it can be entirely attributed to my massive caffeine intake. I spent my entire morning grading assignments, drinking yerba maté, and watching small birds dine at our feeder. We are most frequented by house finches, and at one point we […]

Don’t make me experience prototype your face.

I have at least three projects due in the next week, each of which demands that I know a different piece of Adobe® software, including Illustrator, Premiere Pro, InDesign and After Effects. My love affair with Adobe® is well-documented, as is their software, which features tons of videos put together by kind people who explain […]

Wood Type for All

Ever since I became aware of its existence, I have wanted to visit the Hamilton Wood Type Museum in Two Rivers. Until then I will have to be satisfied with drooling over the Unicorn Graphics Online Wood Type Museum, which features a digital cornucopia of specimens from a bygone era. The centerpiece of their online […]

Fame and Fortune

There’s just something kinda cool about being in the ACM Digital Library: If you’re a hopeless nerd, that is.


Our trip to Boston was great. Our favorite part was the cemeteries. The CHI Student Design Competition went well. Our poster went through about fifteen revisions until we called it good, but all that hard work definitely paid off: Out of twelve finalists who presented posters, our team was one of four chosen to advance […]