Monthly Archives: March 2007

This post is about neither Austin nor Zion.

Even though I haven’t yet taken the time to write about either of them. I am done with my travels, and have managed to emerge mostly unscathed from both the brutal canyons of downtown Austin, and the dusty scratchy landscape of the Utah desert. I’ve been fighting down the plague for the last couple days, […]


Yesterday I got back from SXSW. It was an incredible time. My liver still aches. My last night in Austin I got a single hour of sleep. Tomorrow Kate and I leave for Zion.


I donno, I was just thinkin’ less purple, more green. For spring, ya know? That, and I’m becoming unhinged towards my existing branding, the whole “brown and ambiguously-purple” thing. Purple is out, green is in. Next in line is hot pink, but I wanted to ease ya’ll into this thing slowly. Imperceptibly slowly. Perhaps so […]

Web Nerd Geek Party

Last October I accidentally threw away my iPod Shuffle. This may sound like an interesting story, but more than anything it was dumb. Just dumb. Sure, it was just one of the old style Shuffles, the kind that was as big as a pack of gum which seemed really small for about fifteen minutes there, […]