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“Talking to Yourself” Selected as San Francisco’s Favorite Pastime

It narrowly beat out “driving a Prius”, “pissing on the sidewalk”, and “being a huge dick every time you get behind the wheel and pulling U-turns in the middle of the fucking block”.


In the context of how analog interactions tie into human experience and perception, Jared just pointed me to Henri Bergson’s Time and Free Will: An Essay on the Immediate Data of Consciousness. All I can say is, holy shit. My long-dormant love for philosophy just rocketed so hard to the front of my consciousness that […]

Did I mention I love my job?


Maybe you’ve already heard, but I recently helped launch Adaptive Path’s new home page. A few of the other kind folks at the office designed it, and I cut it up into its hot-and-buttery front-end code. I used for the pixel-perfect CSS grid system, and cooked up some slick back-end code for streaming our […]

Usability is not User Experience

And the words are not to be used interchangeably. …just had to get that off my chest.

Analog Interactions

Life has been wonderful and busy. As a hobby I’ve recently gotten into physical computing, and now properly armed with an Arduino board and a pile of spare parts from Sparkfun and Radio Shack alike I’ve started kinda hacking electronics and building junk. So far I’ve got nothing impressive to show for my efforts, but […]

Why Today Was Awesome (a list)

Drove across the Golden Gate Bridge with Chris and John. Saw houseboats. Saw redwoods. Ate a tasty smoked turkey and pesto sandwich. Hiked around Point Reyes. “Hipsters in the woods.” Ran down a hill leaping off jumps, pretending I was on a dirt bike. Photographed tiny flowers. Saw a quail. Climbed an enormous eucalyptus tree. […]

This is the most important thread to ever emerge out of the Internet.


Sally and Tommy Are Biking Across Thailand!

And you can watch! Wow!