Monthly Archives: August 2009

Pro Tip

If there is a top secret document that you absolutely do not want me to see, this is probably the best way to hide it: Write it into a blog post. Publish it online. Send me an email telling me that I absolutely must read it. If secrecy is of paramount concern, I would recommend […]

Multitask This

Ironic that this article at, which cites a study that reveals multitasking may harm one’s ability to filter out distractions, is interspersed with five headlines and hyperlinks to irrelevant articles on

We Went And Saw Some Mountains

Kate and I spent a week stomping around Colorado, hanging out in Fort Collins and ascending into the dizzying airs of Rocky Mountain National Park. There are many more photos to be seen in this set on Flickr.

Setlist, 08/10/09 – 08/22/09

San Francisco CA > Minneapolis MN > Grand Island NE > Sidney NE > Fort Collins CO > Estes Park CO > Rocky Mountain National Park > Fort Collins CO > Cheyenne WY > Kearney NE > Des Moines IA > Minneapolis MN > Madison WI > Bloomington IL > Bloomington IN It’s been a […]

Directions to Mark’s Work

Out to vine. Cross vine, straight to welding. Right side of welding. Two-track entry to nature. Entry behind. Natural area. Straight. Between ponds. Fenced-in area. Right of chain link fence. Straight. Little hill. Up it. On top of berm along river. Left on dirt single track, fifty feet to railroad tracks. Left to get on […]

After a lovely summer…

Tomorrow is my last day at Adaptive Path. Tomorrow is the last day I ride Spry through San Francisco. I’m gonna try real hard not to cry.

This is so wrong.

Saw this ad on today, and honestly I’ve spent the better part of the day trying to parse the metaphor. The more you think about it, the weirder it gets.