Monthly Archives: January 2007


Sprint called over the weekend and confirmed that they were indeed experiencing network issues in my area, something about trunk-lines and T1 connections and such. The call came from a fellow who was based in Texas, at the apparent locus where Sprint receives and processes “trouble tickets.” He was genuinely kind and helpful and did […]

Bumper Cars (and Cannibalism)

This is just. Too. Awesome. Portland rules!

I Heart Sprint

Last week my cell phone suddenly lost most of its ability to make and receive calls. The nature of the glitch suggested that it was a problem with Sprint’s all-digital wireless network built from the ground up. My phone kept getting booted off Sprint’s network and into roaming land, so my initial concerns were about […]

That there’s mah drinkin’ music!

I’ve said it before, but I need to say it again. I love shitkicker. I had missed it for a spell, but my recent investments in massive amounts of technology have reunited me with my favorite internet radio station of years past. You see, I’m normally not much of a radio person. In all actuality […]

Design WTF?

When I started Daneomatic I promised myself that I would never attempt to “design” it, as the focus here is supposed to be on “writing.” And “swearing,” if you will. But certainly not “designing.” I had also promised myself I would call it Dane-O-Matic, but I quickly realized that I was far too lazy to […]

Breakfast at Wendy’s

The weather back here in Hood River has been chilly as of late, and we’ve even got a coat of snow that’s managed to hang around for a few days. Thus warmed internally by the cold fire of gin, I find within myself a desire to reflect on the events of the last couple weeks. […]

Ghost Town

Like a scene from a surreal dream, Kate and I currently find ourselves in the abandoned tourist town of Medora, North Dakota. Medora is the gateway to Theodore Roosevelt National Park, a huge and gorgeous tangle of bluffs and cliffs out in western North Dakota. It’s a kitschy western tourist town, complete with saloons, general […]