Monthly Archives: April 2008

97 Miles to Kentucky

While speaking to some friends recently I realized that I have been unnecessarily vague about our plans for the future. This ambiguity came purely by accident, and it will likely come as a disappointment to know that I have not been subtly manufacturing a story arc of impossible genius. Rather, it’s this damned fracturing of […]


It’s been over a week since I watched Into The Wild, and the convolutions of my brain are still busy processing it. I was prepared to be consumed by a brilliant fire of jealousy, but in the end I was completely blindsided by the familiarity of the story. The parallels between our journeys, our desires […]


After finishing some client work this evening I intended on watching Into The Wild, which just arrived from Netflix. For ten years it has been one of my favorite books (its challengers include Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and The Rand McNally U.S. Road Atlas) and I have to admit I was a little […]