Monthly Archives: September 2009

“Here, I made you a better poster.”

LINK. God dammit, I miss San Francisco more than I thought I would.

From Analog Interactions to Tangible Bits

I spent a great deal of time this past summer turning the idea of “analog interactions” over in my head, carving and sanding and refining it through a series of essays. It largely started in my post Analog Interactions, where I discussed my recent forays into Arduino and my increasing interest in historic, richly tactile […]

From The Archives

While paging through my journals of yesteryear, trying to find a particular passage, I came across this gem from July 22, 2003: WEIRD THOUGHTS WHILE DRIFTING OFF TO SLEEP: A lamprey swallowing a bicycle “Barry’s Floss and Park” A floral-patterned laundry bag, filled with laundry, tied around someone’s ankle

A bad taste in your mouth.

Mint Sells to Intuit for $170 Million Why is this such a great deal for Intuit? Fast Company explains: “Mint’s apparently not begun to investigate the data-mining opportunities present in the recorded info on those 1.4 million users–a data set that’s got intrinsic value in its own right.” Wow, that’s pretty bold-faced. To be fair, […]

Human-Poultry Interaction and Internet Pajamas

You can’t make this shit up. In this paper, we present novel systems supporting remote interactions between humans and also between humans and animals. We developed interfaces which supports non-verbal modes of communication. We introduce the Poultry.Internet system, a remote multi-modal human-pet interaction system. This system allows humans to remotely touch their pet using a […]

Quoth Heidegger

There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who engage in hermeneutical phenomenology, those who engage in phenomenological hermeneutics, and those who get beat up after philosophy class for being good at math.