Monthly Archives: July 2010

The City Eats Its Own

As one who loves beautiful, old, historic things, and as one who loves American city architecture from the early 1900s, and as one who lived in Oregon for five years, and as one who has a massive crush on Portland, and as one who loves books and needs to be pried from Powell’s with a […]

Hans and Umbach: Exploring the Boundary Between Physical and Digital

My final semester of graduate school is now long over, I have spent the last few weeks immersed in the awesome culture that is Adaptive Path, and yet embodied interaction continues to dominate my thoughts. Today I have been reviewing my notes from the Hans and Umbach project, after using a terminal command to combine […]

A Modest Update

Hello all. A lot has happened since we last spoke. We now live in Berkeley, a great little town where the people seem to not like much of anything. I now work as an experience designer for Adaptive Path in their San Francisco office. It is truly awesome. We have our own unique culture. We […]