Monthly Archives: May 2007

Crowd Control

I finally got out windsurfing the other day, though to actually call my actions windsurfing would be quite generous. More than anything it was swimming with gear, a new watersport that I am pioneering that draws on my skills at both kiteboarding and windsurfing. I am the ultimate crossover. I do both sports to equal […]

Fire Season

The Ham Lake Fire is now 100% contained on the American side. It’s still got some elbow room on the Canadian side, but it has mellowed out considerably over the last few days. Today it even snowed up at camp, and so we all breathe a collective sigh of relief as we realize it won’t […]


I feel like I rushed the production of this martini, and its quality has suffered noticeably as a result. It seems to be doing its job regardless. This afternoon, while the guy from Charter was busy fixing my internet connection, I started bottling my beer. The final numbers are in, and damn am I ever […]

Hooray for Midweek Weekends

My beer’s fermentation has pretty much completely mellowed out, so a couple days ago I transferred it from the plastic fermenter to the glass carboy. I did a fairly decent job at my first siphoning attempt, though I did lose suction a couple times throughout the process. Sometimes foam would travel up the tube from […]


My beer’s fermentation was slow to start on its first day, but now that the yeast has had a bit of time to get its bearings things are cookin’ right along. My closet currently smells like a blue ribbon at an Appalachia science fair. For future reference I know not to pitch my yeast too […]

Hobby Farm

Tonight my house smells like a brewery, as I just finished my first attempt at crafting my own beer. It’s going well so far, and while I didn’t commit any large-scale disasters in cooking up my wort, I am a bit concerned that the fermentation isn’t kicking in yet. At 90 degrees, I may have […]