Monthly Archives: May 2009

Anything You Could Possibly Want

I finished reading Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas this afternoon, following it up by watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Too much fear and loathing? Nay. Johnny Depp’s narration is still soothing and brilliant. “Don’t take any guff from these swine.” I spent today largely running errands, and I’m still disappointed that I […]


Drew and Daniela dropped by for dinner this evening on their mystical journey through the American West, and we had a delicious and rowdy time at the Velvet Cantina. I also had a long and wonderful conversation with Sally tonight about life, interaction design, freelancing, the underlying philosophies of biking, and the obvious moral imperative […]

I Enjoy Myself

Today I saw a gal riding a bicycle in high heels. “How did that work out for her?” you might ask. The answer is apparently not well at all, as her right ankle was all scabbed and bandaged up. I biked out to Ocean Beach this afternoon via Golden Gate Park, and spent some quality […]

Every man has his limits.

My grandiose plans for the day were aborted this morning when I locked myself out of the house. Our flat is on the third floor so squeezing through a window was out of the question, and after hopping our 15-foot gate and squeezing through its greedy wrought iron spikes I discovered that yes, the back […]

Wednesday at Berzerkley’s

As soon as it gets dark everyone who drives down my street suddenly has a motorcycle. Walgreens believes that because I live in a city I am either rich, stupid or both. Seriously, $7 for a bottle of shampoo? $10 for a thimble of Tide? At that price I should definitely not need to deal […]

The Iron Legs of Thursday

Yes. I am alive. So very sunburned and alive, in this enchanted land nestled intimately between the ocean and a bay and the other side of a bay. I am snug here in the heart of Mission, living at the House of Many Doors with my trusty Frankenbike at my side. Together we will get […]

California Here He Comes

Okay ya’ll, listen up. In not too long an hour I leave for San Francisco, and by this time tomorrow I will be snug in the womb of Mission, no doubt suckling at a maté and swaddled in soft cloths of florescence. Indeed, such will kick off a two-month pilgrimage back to my beloved west […]

Genius Often Has Trouble Buttoning Its Own Shirt

My father just finished washing the car, and now he’s drying it off with the leaf blower. I don’t know whether to commend him on his brilliance, or curse him senile and sentence him to a home.

Your Online Banking System Can Go To Hell

Dear Online Statements, I have paper records that go back ten years. Ten years. These records do not expire. You propose that I enroll in a “convenient” system that forgets my records after a mere 18 months. If I want to access records older than that you will charge me a fee and send them […]

JJ Abrams Is All Over The New Star Trek Movie

And the world is a better place for it. Location names are set in Futura. Come to think of it, Futura is all over the place. They discuss “Slusho” in the bar at the beginning of the movie. I swear one of the doctors who delivered James Kirk was the scientist from the Dharma Initiative […]