Monthly Archives: January 2010

Your Workflow is the Battlefield

There’s been quite the wailing and gnashing of teeth over the Apple iPad not supporting Flash. Personally, I welcome this new landscape of the web, where a future without Flash seems not only bright but possible indeed. That said, what is unfolding here is of considerable gravity, and will likely determine the future of the […]

Hans and Umbach: “You know how grip works.”

Over winter break, Kate and I were fortunate enough to attend the British Advertising Awards at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. One commercial from Audi in particular really stuck with me, because of its clear reference to our highly sophisticated ability to navigate and interact with our physical surroundings. With the Hans and Umbach […]

Hans and Umbach: Soldering and Building

Phew, have we got a treat for ya’ll! Last night Hans was able to tame the wild beast that is Adobe Premiere Pro, and compiled some videos of Umbach (or was it Hans?) building some stuff with Arduino. First up, the boys soldered together an Arduino Proto Shield kit from Adafruit. You can witness their […]

Hans and Umbach: Atoms Are the New Bits

Needless to say, Hans and Umbach are extremely excited about this new article in Wired magazine, which champions a trend of garage tinkerers and other DIYers acting in concert to bring the world its next generation of products. Just as the internet democratized digital publication, so will new prototyping technologies democratize physical production. We’d better […]

Hans and Umbach: Taking Stock

I’ve been haphazardly collecting electronics since this past summer, so one of the first things I needed to do was survey all the stuff I have at my disposal and organize the heck out of it. This spread is already outdated, as my orders from Sparkfun and Adafruit arrived last week, but it still gives […]

Introducing the Hans and Umbach Project

Last summer I began thinking about something that I referred to as “analog interactions”, those natural, in-the-world interactions we have with real, physical artifacts. My interest arose in response to a number of stimuli, one of which is the current trend towards smooth, glasslike capacitive touch screen devices. From iPhones to Droids to Nexus Ones […]