Monthly Archives: November 2006


I find it somewhat comforting when my surroundings remind me that this, all of this, is just a phase. The wild river of life, not unlike the Monsoon Lagoon at Raging Waters, twists and turns as it sees fit. No doubt in a few short years, or weeks or months or even days for that […]

Walmart: Doing Stifler Proud

Someone is trying to bring Walmart down from the inside. I was browsing TV stands the other day, trying to find something that would hold my incoming behemoth better than cinder blocks and 2x4s. As is always the case when I shop at the Hood River Walmart, I quickly became annoyed and irritable, and then […]

Wintry Remix

What’s up, ya’ll? I was feeling bored and listless, so I rebuilt the desktop wallpaper gallery over at Brainside Out. The new version pulls from a database and generates thumbnails and other nefarious stuff like that, but the most important thing for you guys is actually three most important things: All of the backgrounds are […]

Moisture is the Essence of Wetness

UPDATE: We’ve got pictures of the carnage! It has been raining here for the last two weeks straight. In case you haven’t heard, Oregon is pretty much fucked. The Hood River was a raging muddy torrent when I went down to check it out yesterday. The river was running so high and so fast that […]

Make Love, Not Warcraft

Until I cancelled my account on World of Warcraft, I hadn’t realized how painfully early it was getting dark in the evening. Coupled with the end of daylight saving time (a change that happened as I was freezing on a ridge in the Cascades, and one to which I was completely oblivious until Kate mentioned […]


It’s 35 degrees and raining, and that’s down here in town. Today it rained non-stop, all day. You’d think I lived in Oregon or something, what with this rain and all. Something struck me as strange the first time I came to this state. I kicked up a random conversation with an old lady in […]