Monthly Archives: July 2007


Friday at the shop I was helping a gal with some windsurfing harnesses. Unfortunately we were sold out of the model that she really wanted, and none of the ones that we had in-stock fit her as well as she would have liked. She was especially bummed as she had lost her harness a few […]


After a couple weeks of 90-degree temperatures, and four days in the 100s, I finally installed my air conditioner today. This was all thanks to the expert consultation of my neighbor, who introduced me to the “ghetto fab” method of using cardboard and duct tape. It ain’t pretty, and it introduces an unfortunate second-rate motel […]


I didn’t know the definition of overpowered until I tried kiting at Rufus today. The wind in the Gorge has been absolutely nuking solid for the past week. It’s been windier than stink, and being a kiteboarder I’ve been sadly beached for the last couple days as the windsurfers have ripped it up. Oh well. […]

Yard Work

Today I drank my homebrewed IPA, lit off fireworks, and set my lawn on fire. Thus I would consider it a wildly successful Fourth of July.

Prependence Day

Robby Naish, the Robby Naish, was here this weekend. He hung around the shop for a few hours on Sunday night, visiting with people and signing autographs and exuding potent waves of awesomeness. I was all up in his grill taking photographs for most of the night, which is now a thing I do. Today […]