Monthly Archives: November 2010

The Honda Fit EV concept car has a high heels button!

In other news, I cannot recommend the WordPress iPad app.

More often than not, my day resembles a modern art exhibit.

Someone applied a taxonomy to the sandwich. The fellow in the turkey hat was not amused. The lifeguard gave me a weird look, before dancing off in a jig. The crazed man sat in the middle of the sidewalk, glowering at the legal pad still in its packaging. The man in the sleeping bag shouted […]

Kinect = DIY 3D Video Camera

This absolutely blew my mind-grapes:

Splitting Subversion into Multiple Git Repositories

For the last three years I’ve been maintaining all my projects and websites, including Daneomatic and Brainside Out, as well as I’ve Been To Duluth and Terra and Rosco and Siskiwit, in a single Subversion repository. At any given time I find myself tinkering with a number of different projects, and honestly it keeps me […]