Monthly Archives: June 2009

Ben And Travis Send The Nose In A Day

Meanwhile, all I’ve done this summer is fly over Yosemite. In a jet. Even from there, it looked pretty cool. I couldn’t see these guys from my vantage point 20,000 feet in the air, though, and since they did this a month ago and I flew over Yosemite this weekend and I cannot see back […]

“The Other Chris”

Huzzah! This morning I published my first post to the Adaptive Path weblog, and people have been stoked on it all day. I’ve been working on designing the iPhone application to go along with the learning website, and a large part of my contribution to the project so far has been sketching. Sketching, sketching, […]

Origami Frogs

Not to mention knitting graffiti. Cool stuff.

Proof that the new iPhone has a secret front-facing camera!

That Apple can activate remotely! …why else would they tell you to wave your phone around like an idiot?

Meanwhile, back at the farm…

I flew back to Minnesota for the weekend to catch Rock the Garden with Kate. We were too busy filling up on beer and wine to catch much of Solid Gold and Yeasayer, but Calexico was a sweet breath of hot desert air blown in from the Great American Southwest. Then, The Decemberists played The […]

I love my job.


Phew. Long day. One last jam-packed ride on the 49 Muni to Japantown for Andrew Crow’s closing Interaction Design workshop for UX Intensive. An intense day of prototyping followed by a closing party, complete with an open bar and wonderful new friends with Minnesota and Bay Area connections alike. Then, a dash across town to […]

Ghost-Riding The Whip

The other day I learned from one of my coworkers that Bay Area culture is deeper and more nuanced than I could possibly imagine. Heart-touching music videos such as this one from E-40, that detail the finer points of the Hyphy movement, apparently make many locals’ hearts quicken with pride. Confused? Yeah, I am, too. […]

Task Flows and Character Counts

Another busy night catching up on work. You might do better trying to catch me over at Twitter. Hugs, Dane

The Ganache Guru

Today we kicked off UX Intensive with a rousing session of Design Strategy, hosted by none other than Brandon Schauer. It was a great time and we got to wield Sharpies and Post-It Notes and drafting dots with reckless abandon, all the while being fed like kings. It’s gonna be like this all week, with […]