Monthly Archives: December 2006


My sister got me a KitchenAid for Christmas, and I must say it’s one of the best damn gifts I’ve ever gotten ever. This glorious appliance, in all of its onyx black glossy glory, has changed my life of cookery. If beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy, KitchenAid […]


This is all I have to say about this.


While trying to get some shopping done on the interwebnet today, I was met by this jewel of an error message: We are sorry for the inconvenience. Our site currently supports only Internet Explorer version 4.0 or higher. This is due to the advanced features used in the product customization process. If you do not […]


I have discovered an axiom of Hood River laundromats, in that at any point in time at least one quarter of all washers and dryers must be out of order. At first I thought this only applied to the laundromat in the Heights, which besides its defunct collection of machines isn’t all that bad as […]