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As a society, we have a moral imperative to protect the cultures of indigenous tribes such as this one, heretofore unmolested by the modern world. For if we do not preserve their unique languages, where will our next crop of great domain names come from?

The Gallery of The Awesome II

I have journeyed far and wide of late, from the hot and dusty reaches of eastern Washington to the harshly lit bowels of Wal-Mart. In these journeys I have seen Things, Great and Amazing Things that Thrill the Senses. The incredibility I have seen is such that it is worth another visit, yes, a return […]

Quantum Entanglement – Part II

This is Part II. Read Part I. As I mentioned earlier, Siskiwit and Rosco were unintentional BFF. When I launched Rosco I wanted to preserve the link structure of Siskiwit, because people were still way into searchin’ for and diggin’ on that stuff. Siskiwit had a long and colorful history of publishing platforms, but a […]

Quantum Entanglement – Part I

This is Part I. Read Part II. Over the last few weeks I’ve been working diligently on a few personal web projects, and what you have in front of you now is the most recent incarnation of Daneomatic, which was launched last night. There’s also a new version of Brainside Out, which has already been […]


Yesterday: Kiteboarding. Beer. Late night with friends. Today: Kiteboarding. Beer. Late night with friends. More like this, please.