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Hans and Umbach: Atoms Are the New Bits

The Hans and Umbach Electro-Mechanical Computing Company

Needless to say, Hans and Umbach are extremely excited about this new article in Wired magazine, which champions a trend of garage tinkerers and other DIYers acting in concert to bring the world its next generation of products. Just as the internet democratized digital publication, so will new prototyping technologies democratize physical production.

We’d better get crackin’.

Version Zwei


Apologies to any Germans in the audience for brutalizing your beautiful native tongue.

Going Indie

It’s barely December, but I’m so sick and tired of this semester that I’m already working on next year. Kate was nice enough to get me Phaeton as an early Christmas present, and so I’ve been working on the art direction for my independent study next year:

The Hans and Umbach Electromechanical Computing Company

This is gonna be a fun one.

I suck at this whole self-promotion thing.



The iPhone app is now available in the App Store, and has been for a few weeks.

Not only is it awesome, it is also free. Thanks to the iPhone app, I’m finally learning all those stupid tiny states on the Eastern seaboard. Because I wouldn’t want to try to learn something more ambitious, now, would I?

Super-mega-huge props go to the kick-ass team at Cerego and the experience ninjas at Adaptive Path. They made this whole thing happen.

Me? I drew pretty pictures:


Which I guess is pretty kick-ass in its own right.

I Want It That Way

Speaking of Adaptive Path, these were the awesome folks who took me under their wing for the summer:

My eyes mist up just watching this video. I miss you guys!

Hot damn, I’m excited.


smartfm-evolution has submitted their iPhone app to Apple for approval. Their beautiful landing page for the app gives you a nice glimpse of what to expect.

I did the concept generation for the learning game experience while working at Adaptive Path for the summer. We had a kick-ass team, that included Alexa, Dan, Brian, and all the cool cats at They have all been chronicling their work on this project on the Adaptive Path blog.

I can’t wait to see this go live!

Outside In: Bringing The Outdoors Indoors

"Outside In" Capstone Sketches

For my capstone project, I’m exploring ways to help outdoor enthusiasts maintain a connection to the outdoors when they need to be inside. Sadly, not everyone can work as a ski instructor, mountaineering guide or tree planter their whole lives. As these people make their way into the great indoors for the majority of their working lives, how can we make it a less alienating experience for them?

"Outside In" Capstone Sketches

"Outside In" Capstone Sketches

"Outside In" Capstone Sketches

"Outside In" Capstone Sketches

More sketches are available in the Capstone gallery at my Flickr account.

Chainsaw Hand and Toaster and Santa for Some Reason


Mark this point in history. Yesterday was the first time in my life I had ever used a Wacom tablet for sketching.

People say it takes about three weeks of concerted effort to get used to using a tablet. By the looks of things, I pretty much perfected my technique right out of the gates.

Separated at Birth


Behold: ET: The Extra-Terrestrial and the new Photoshop Logo.

I gotta hand it to Adobe. They really knocked this one out of the park. I mean, look at that gloss. It just screams OS X Aqua circa 2000.

Yes, yes. The logo is old news, but it’s newly interesting now that you can host this ass of an icon on your iPhone.

“Here, I made you a better poster.”


God dammit, I miss San Francisco more than I thought I would.