Hans and Umbach: Soldering and Building

The Hans and Umbach Electro-Mechanical Computing Company

Phew, have we got a treat for ya’ll! Last night Hans was able to tame the wild beast that is Adobe Premiere Pro, and compiled some videos of Umbach (or was it Hans?) building some stuff with Arduino.

First up, the boys soldered together an Arduino Proto Shield kit from Adafruit. You can witness their amazing efforts in super-speed time, where sixty minutes of inhaling metallic fumes has been condensed into three power-packed minutes!

After that, the boys took their new creation and built a three-channel LED color mixer, out of a few potentiometers and one of these kick-ass triple output LEDs from SparkFun.

A huge shout goes out to Ryan Rapsys of Erratik Productions for the music!

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  1. January 27, 2010 – 1:12 pm

    Cool! Go Hans!!