The Gallery of The Awesome

Last night I welcomed upon you a great injustice, in that I described a number of truly awesome products without actually showing them to you. Tonight I hope to make things right and proper, and with the help of this “Multi-Media” tool will magic their images to you, with absolutely no post office, telegraph cables, or Speak & Spell device involved.

First up in our Gallery of The Awesome, we have a Colon-Shaped Brownie Tray:

Colon-Shaped Brownie Tray

Next, we have a litter box designed for one-legged cats:

One-Legged Cat

If you thought the one-legged cat market was so small that it couldn’t possibly support more than one specially-designed litter box, you thought wrong:

Another One-Legged Cat

Last and certainly not least, we have Taylor Fay. He’s totally stacked in this picture, probably the result of his patented “ripping the legs off cats” workout:

Taylor Fay

That is all.