Prependence Day

Robby Naish, the Robby Naish, was here this weekend. He hung around the shop for a few hours on Sunday night, visiting with people and signing autographs and exuding potent waves of awesomeness. I was all up in his grill taking photographs for most of the night, which is now a thing I do.

Today was hot. On my lunch break I went home just to sit at my kitchen table and sweat.

I went to the Hood River Wal-Mart today, also known as The Happiest Place On Earth. No matter where I turned I was always boxed in by pet food.

There’s something unwholesome about buying fireworks after dark out of a tent pitched in a parking lot, which is probably why I was excited enough to throw down twenty bucks for a brick of the shit. That, and they had a strobe light. I’m helpless whenever there’s a strobe light.

Or anything bright and shiny, for that matter.