Monthly Archives: June 2009

A summons to all your foolish blood.

826 Valencia is an amazing, wondrous place. I want to live in their world. I want to write again. I want to make people experience these things.

Martini has a thing for ice cream.

I went south today, and met up with some friends for the Great American Food And Waiting In Line And Music Festival in Mountain View. Apparently the event planners had grossly underestimated America’s appetite for food, and the lines were so long our group actually began taking them in shifts. The one for burgers was […]

An Owl’s Life

Dan just posted the first public transmission regarding our project, with a slick little banner of my design, and now I’m at a bit more liberty to talk about the work I’m doing at Adaptive Path. is a website dedicated to helping people accomplish goals and learn stuff they want to know, in a […]

I can’t wait to tell them about the exploding moon.

I woke up at 6:30 this morning and realized I had to give a 30-minute presentation to the company at noon, introducing myself to the entire gang. I was gunning for a largely visual deck and had flagged a number of photos in Aperture for this purpose, but I hadn’t even started assembling the presentation […]

Let’s play a game!

What does Dane smell on a typical day during his bicycle commute? Spoiled Milk Exhaust Urine Raw Sewage Garbage Moist Garbage (a kind of garbage) McDonald’s I might channel some Dave Seah on this one and create a series of printed, fillable bubble forms. You know, to capture the olfactory rhythm of my ride.

Oliver’s Simple Fluid Dynamics Generator

God damn this is cool. Click and drag in the black square to make the magic happen. Works best in the smokin’ Safari 4.0, because this beast is heavy on the Javascript. In any other browser you’ll wonder what in the hell I’m gettin’ so worked up about. Stuff like this just feeds my existing […]

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

I started using Safari 4.0 yesterday, and I like what I see so far. The new Javascript interpreter is fast. The controls for Google Maps are so quick they’re frightening. Just try using your scroll wheel (or two-finger gesture on the trackpad of your new non-removable-battery MacBook Pro) to zoom in. If there’s a faster […]

The One In Which Dane Discusses AT&T Service Plans for Five Hundred Words, Much To Everyone’s Dismay

Well shucks. I was just about ready to toss my first-generation iPhone down a well, until I dug a bit further into how much this new service plan was going to cost me. All I can say is, ouch. Right now I’ve got 450 anytime minutes and 5,000 night-and-weekend minutes for $39.99 a month. In […]

Urban Excursion

You can tell a lot about a neighborhood in San Francisco based on how frequently they need to clean the streets. While biking around Sea Cliff today in a super-ritzy part of town I noticed that they have scheduled street cleanings twice a month. My street? Three times a week. I went for another bike […]

Too stoked to stoke the stoke.

I had a fairly mellow day today, taking in the sights and sounds of my own neighborhood. I explored 24th Street and browsed the murals of Balmy Street, which celebrate the Hispanic heritage of this fine area in a lovely visual format. What’s incredible, too, is the Google Street View of Balmy Street. It’s not […]