Just Another Day In HCI/d

Yesterday we celebrated Jeff’s birthday in his favorite “Hello Kitty Goth” fashion. Binaebi and Emily baked him a pink watermelon Jell-O cake, and Lynn got him, among other things, a pink balloon that said “Princess”. This was in reference to an email that Lynn had sent him once, where she accidentally called him “Dr. Bardzell.” He replied that never, under any circumstances, should anyone call him “Dr. Bardzell.” Further, one could go so far as to call him “Princess Pumpkin” on his birthday, but never “Dr. Bardzell.”

And so, Princess. Meanwhile, Brandon rickrolled Jeff the moment he walked in the door. The entire event was all very experience-y and was definitely “an experience,” as defined by Dewey. Perfectly appropriate for our Experience Design class.