97 Miles to Kentucky

While speaking to some friends recently I realized that I have been unnecessarily vague about our plans for the future. This ambiguity came purely by accident, and it will likely come as a disappointment to know that I have not been subtly manufacturing a story arc of impossible genius. Rather, it’s this damned fracturing of one’s online identity, shattered and cast across a dozen sites in the name of social networking, that’s rendered any loose shard near incomprehensible when considered absent its brethren.

It is in the interest of clarification, and yet still in convolutions such as these, that I write to you now, to let you aware of our current situation.

Indeed, Kate and I have settled on a graduate school. This coming August we will relocate to the bluff country of southern Indiana to attend Indiana University Bloomington. It is in this setting that we will eat at Chick-Fil-A, cultivate our southern drawls, and enjoy glasses of sweet tea that sweat in the late summer heat. Kate will pursue a Master of Public Policy with a focus on environmental issues, and I will be collecting syllables by going after a Master of Science in Human Computer Interaction Design.

My goal, ultimately, is to build kick-ass interfaces that are so beautiful they make people want to cry, perhaps similar to the way this turns me into a blubbering pile of snot every time I watch it. Kate’s goal is to work for a groovy non-profit that advertises in High Country News, perchance entertaining a position that keeps her above the poverty line. Our mutual goal is to move back to the West, the Pacific Northwest in particular, upon finishing our programs. This is not a goal so much as it is a promise.

And while it may be 97 miles to Louisville, it’s only 56 miles to French Lick.