I realize now that this whole writing thing brings with it an alarming clarity of thought, something I’ve sorely missed since I stopped doing it on a regular basis. I make no promises, but indeed this would be a good habit to cultivate again.

Part of the problem is that while I have been writing, recently it has been reduced to short impulsive bursts of ill consequence. Despite my best efforts, my online identity has been scattered to the four great corners of the web, each one a series of fragmented imagery and slacker poetry completely lacking in depth and cohesion. This I hope to resolve at some point, with a dangerous and whirring brass contraption, spherical in shape and bisected by an angry equator of spinning gears.

It may be a time until I am able to realize that vision. Perchance I will soon settle on a reasonable equivalent, all stitched together with web-based APIs and a custom Ruby on Rails application. The end result for you, dear reader, would be a centralized place to keep tabs on yours truly, as endearing a proposal as that may be. For the time being, however, it would behoove you to consult the following locales. Note that if you find this old news, please count yourself among the savvy and move along. My readership regularly spans seven decades, so there’s a broad range of experiences that must be properly accomodated.

Daneomatic – Yes, you are here. This is probably the last place on earth where I think about what I’m going to say before I say it. Even then, I still don’t ponder long enough that it would actually interfere with anything.

Flickr – I used to maintain my own photo galleries, until I realized that such an activity could be much more fun if I farmed it out to a third party. I still take photos (more than ever, actually) and the better ones end up here.

Twitter – This is where I (among others) sputter about what I’m doing with such a diarrhetic frequency. Rather than encouraging a Hemingway-esque efficiency of language, I believe Twitter has done more to ruin my motivation to write than anything else. Why write an intelligent, well-reasoned article when I can just complain about it in 140 characters or less? All told, the idea of an indexed and publicly searchable database of my daily business kinda creeps me out, and thus my updates are protected.

Tumblr – Quite recently I began noticing a gloomy fog settling over the Twittersphere, with everyone constantly complaining about everything. I certainly was not exempt from this characterization, so I started sliding more of my knee-jerk kvetches over to Tumblr in an effort to boost morale on Twitter.

I’ve since realized Tumblr’s near-limitless potential for immortalizing the flaws of others, and so I’ve been capturing software bugs and interface gaffes as I encounter them. It’s a project similar to that pursued by my woodwind professor while he was in college, when he made a tape consisting of every chipped note and flubbed rhythm in every professional classical recording he could find.

Brainside Out – This is my business, which is currently in sleep mode. I wrote here for years, but this ain’t where the action is these days.

Vimeo – If I shot more video in my life, this is where it would be.

Facebook – My irrational animosity towards this site becomes more rational with each passing headline. I have disabled all email notifications and so I go for weeks without reading my wall or responding to friends, and I’ve earned myself a special seat of unpopularity by refusing to install any number of asinine applications. I do not categorically disapprove of Facebook applications, however, as My Flickr does a reasonable job getting my photos listed, and TwitterSync posts my Twitter messages to Facebook with some predictability.

That said, Facebook is like a digital pet that constantly needs to be fed, entertained and scolded. My only reward for this labor is that every so often, it shits itself in fury.